A 5-Minute Habit That Will Bring More Structure To Your Life

Tame the mental hurricane of thoughts and decisions and tasks and get back to a place of grounded action.

The problem is not that I have too much to do

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t handle things anymore—the uncertainty in my work, the constant need for creativity and decision making, all the messages to reply to, the constant pressure to “catch up”.

Here’s is a ridiculously simple way to reduce chaos and come back to balance


  • Hug your partner and tell them something really nice, or really funny, or really arousing.
  • Stretch. I know this is kind of obvious, but how often do you actually do it? It’s a life changer.
  • Write down a gratitude list in your journal.
  • Write down the 3 main priorities for your day.
  • Write about how you are feeling or what you are thinking (or maybe even use this time to create content you’d like to publish, if that’s something you do).

So… How do you know which activity would be the best one for you?

Everyone is different, so what works for me might not work for you.

Find the perfect keystone habit for you

I created a quick assessment/reflection exercise to help you find out what is the best keystone habit for your life, your personality, and your individual goals. Check it out!

Habit Coach. Self-Experimenter. Find your ideal Keystone Habit here: https://journalsmarter.com/keystone-habit/

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