After Reading This, You’ll Want To Hug Your Partner.

Sílvia Bastos
3 min readNov 8, 2020

You have been together for a while.

Things are not as they used to be. You don’t kiss or touch so often anymore. You’ve gotten used to each other’s presence, and the butterflies are long gone.

You co-exist peacefully (most of the time), and you agree that you have a good relationship — better than most.

But somewhere there, deep down, you feel the disconnection that’s been gradually creeping in. Not because you don’t love them, but because time-inflicted habituation and life’s general busyness have desensitized you to the power of everyday gestures of affection.

But sometimes, when you watch a romantic movie or listen to a sad song or drink a few glasses of wine, you can feel the sweet urge to show all that love you’ve been bottling up.

You suddenly remember and appreciate all their small gestures throughout the years:

How they always give you the biggest piece of pie. How they compliment you in front of others. How they smile at you in the morning. How they’re always the first one apologizing.

How they mean it when they say they love you, and how much it means to them to hear it back.

How they are always there for you.

And how much more you can be there for them.

Suddenly, you realize that it’s completely up to you to bridge the gap that’s been forming between you. You feel it with a little bit of guilt, but mostly with a renewed sense of empowerment: all you need to do it be there and show love.

All you need to do is to say thank you more often. To hug them for no reason. To compliment their work and creations. To appreciate the child in them. To forgive all those small shortcomings that cause you disproportionate annoyance (not taking out the trash, that ridiculous joke they keep repeating, the moments when they struggle to understand you).

Because here’s the truth:

Today might be the last day you will ever spend together.

It might sound dramatic or cliché, but let it sink in for a moment.

No one knows how much time they’ve got left in this life. One day, you will see your…

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