I Have So Many Ideas That I Don’t Know What To Do With Them.

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I often have so many ideas in my head that I feel bad that I can’t make them all reality.

I get an insight from a book. A random brilliant thought comes to my mind during a walk. A possibility for a collaboration. An insight for a new article. Two thoughts finally connecting in my brain, and the urge to share them with the world.

But then… I don’t have the time, or the energy, or the inspiration to make it happen. And there it is, just one more unfulfilled idea weighing on top of an already huge pile inside my head.

And I feel guilty. What if I never get an idea this good again? Am I wasting my potential? Am I losing opportunities? Am I just pointlessly consuming content without doing anything useful with it? I begin to doubt myself, and eventually this spirals down into some sort of sad self-hatred and despair.

It just happened before I started writing this article that I got really inspired by watching someone’s piece of work. I though “damn, I could do something similar to this and share it with my audience”. I thought how I could make it unique, how beneficial it would be for my followers, how I could reference this person I got inspired by and thank them and build a relationship, and then…

I realized that I wasn’t going to do it, because I already have a lot of other things that are working and occupying my next weeks of work. Sure, I can take a note of it for the future, but it doesn’t really satisfy me.

What I really need is to practice letting go, and turn this letting go into a ritual. Whenever I come up with a great idea that I don’t know what to do with and I start getting assaulted by guilt and self-doubt, I will do the following: I will lie on the floor or put on a song and dance (moving or relaxing the body is the best remedy for releasing tension and self-doubt), and I will repeat the following affirmations:

Sometimes, it’s okay to just dream.

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