Redefining “Open Relationships”

or An Essay on Mindful Freedom

We have an OPEN relationship, not an OPEN RELATIONSHIP

What comes to your mind when you hear the expression “open relationship”?

3 Principles for Applying Openness to a Relationship

1) Open Possibilities: Remaining open to all the possibilities brought by each present moment, staying aware of our freedom to respond to them and being mindful of the impact of our response on ourselves, on our partner(s) and on our relationship.

“3 Principles of Mindful Freedom”

— now that sounds good to me. It makes me vibrate. To me, this expression reflects those principles much more effectively, and it triggers just the right feeling for me. Mindful Freedom is so accurate, so close to palpable, that it is easy for me to be in the state of mind it represents, and it also allows me to access it at all times from an empirical point of view, rather than from the subconscious influence of a label full of connotations that I didn’t choose.

Practical example:

You are probably wondering how this applies to sexuality and sexual interactions in relationships.

Mindful Freedom: a Compass for Navigating Togetherness

You can practice Mindful Freedom in each and every relationship you have: with your girlfriend, with your mom, with your children, with your friends. You don’t need to identify with terms such as “polyamory” or “polygamy”: Mindful Freedom applies to all aspects of life, not just sex.

  • Decide that you want to apply the principles of Mindful Freedom together;
  • Live your life, focus on your goal(s), and bring yourself to the state of Mindful Freedom as often as possible.

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